Content Manager for Flatfy Catalog (Georgian market, remote)

Flatfy Catalog is a service that helps people from different countries find, choose and buy housing in the primary real estate market (new construction) as quickly and comfortably as possible. We collect and structure information about all local construction companies and their projects, giving users the opportunity to choose the best apartment.

We are looking for a remote content manager in Georgia, with good written and spoken Georgian and English or Russian, whose tasks will include adding and updating information on construction companies and their projects in Georgia.

Our website in Georgia.

Essential Job Tasks:

  • adding and updating information about construction companies in Georgia;
  • finding, processing and posting images on our website using a content panel;
  • finding the locations of construction objects on the map and marking them;
  • writing descriptions of construction companies and primary real estate for the site.

Primary requirements:

  • good written Georgian and Russian/English;
  • the ability to search and structure information;
  • multitasking;
  • good self-organization.

Working conditions:

  • remote work;
  • flexible working schedule;
  • hourly payment.

If this vacancy and our product seem interesting to you and your skills meet the basic requirements, send us your CV and a few words about your achievements and goals.